Sunday, November 4, 2012

Xtreme lashes with Tamara at Steve Hightower Hair Studio

I absolutely love my lashes. They are full, curly yet light-weight. My first lash experience with Reese at Eye Make It Happen was a disaster (see my previous posting) and I was afraid to get experiences lashes afterwards. However, Tamara removed the excess glue and poorly applied lashes by Reese and gave me hope for a better experience in the future. 

Tamara really stands by her word of never compromising the health of her patients lashes. She waited 3 weeks to apply a set of Xtreme lashes since she wanted my lashes to grow back to their normal state. Over a month later I am a regular customer. 

My lashes after an application of the X35™ and X40™ eyelashes. Originally I received a blend of the X30™ and the X35™ , a more subtle and natural look, but I later decided to go for a more bold look with these long and curlier lashes.

Visit Tamara's website for more information and to book a consultation (or click here to visit the Steve Hightower Hair Studio website):

tamara townsend's website

Saturday, October 13, 2012

"Semi-permanent" lashes with Reese at Eye Make It Happen #fail

Photos taken minutes after leaving the apartment/salon of Reese at Eye Make It Happen. Pictures were taken using an iPhone without any pictural edits or manual manipulations.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Eye Make It Happen

Eye Make It Happen- Norcross, GA

Category: Eyelash Service  [Edit]
(404) 421-5948
Make It Happen, LLC
Owner: Reese Williams

Price Range:
By Appointment Only:

The red flag should've been pulling up into an apartment complex. I thought this was a legitimate business based on the Half Off Depot advertisement. I purchased the semi-permanent individual eyelashes. The procedure took 2.5 hours. I left with wet lashes, glue that was on my eyelids and lashes that weren't very uniformly placed like natural lashes. Days later my eyes were itching and I pulled some out during my sleep. I got them removed by an Extreme Lash certified profession in Buckhead. She said that the glue wasn't suppose to be hard and clumped and that it was a really poor job. Reese didn't offer a refund. Waste of money. Don't trust this "professional" on eye lash extensions. In my opinion, in anything else dealing with beauty/health.

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